Lost your APEX admin password?

Recently I stumbled on an Apex 4.0 installation containing critical applications to which new users were needed. The problem was that the consultants involved in the development/deployment had left the site. In order to proceed I needed the admin password which was unknown to me.

So I proceeded like this:

  • Logged into the database as SYSDBA
  • Changed the APEX user’s password, in this occurence the username was: APEX_040000
  • Once logged as APEX_040000 I set the security group id to 10:

        exec wwv_flow_api.set_security_group_id(p_security_group_id=>10);

  • Created a new ADMIN user to gain access:

        exec wwv_flow_fnd_user_api.create_fnd_user(p_user_name => ‘tempo_admin’, p_web_password => ‘tempo_admin’) ;

  • Then went to URL: http://server:port/pls/htmldb/htmldb_admin (if you don’t know the port, look in portlist.ini).
  • Entered the temporary admin user and password.
  • At this point I was prompted to change the password.
  • Once in, I changed the ADMIN user password, created the new users in their respective workspace and dropped the temporary admin user.


I hope this will help.



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