Installing the Management Agent 10.2.0.x

I got an email yesterday from a desperate DBA who couldn’t find the proper instruction to deploy a management agent on a Linux server, that is management agent release

Oracle has complicated things slightly.

Fortunately I’d done it before on our Linux and Aix platforms, and indeed that’s an awkward contraption that needs to be setup.

So here it is:

  1. Create the following directory: /u01/oracle/product/
  2. Copy the downloaded zipped file into the directory
  3. Unzip the file
  4. Set your TEMP and DISPLAY environment variables
  5. Start your favorite X display software
  6. Move to ./linux/agent and run runInstaller
  7. During the course of the installation you will be ask to enter the location of you Oracle Base directory, in this case it is: /u01/oracle/product/


After the installation, I noticed that sometimes the agentca -f  needs to be run, because of certain targets not being found during the initial agent configuration, within the configuration assistant.