Network import with DataPump

With DataPump, there is no need to create an export file anymore, if the sole purpose is to import data.


Before proceeding with the import, the following needs to be configured:


  • Create a streams pool (50Mb)
  • Create a directory (Since there is no export file involved, it serves as the location of the datapump logfile, there is no export file involved)
  • Grant read-write privileges on the datapump directory to the datapump user
  • Create a public database link to the remote database


Import with DataPump

Generic Example: (in this case I connected to the remote schema directly)


  1. alter system set streams_pool_size=50Mb scope=both;
  2. create directory DATAPUMP_DIR as ‘/export/datapump’;
  3. grant read, write on directory DATAPUMP_DIR to DPEDEV;
  4. create public database link RDPEPRD connect to DPEPRD identified by DPEPRD using ‘rdpeprd’;
  5. impdp dpedev/dpedev directory=datapump_dir network_link=RDPEPRD REMAP_SCHEMA=DPEPRD:DPEDEV

 Make sure the remote user has the EXP_FULL_DATABASE role